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What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced student who has volunteered to assist the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program because of their genuine interest in the educational and personal advancement of students. Mentors function as coaches, friends, and role models.

Who can be a Mentor?

Any student in their third semester at KSU who is willing to spend at least 1 hour per week during the semester with a group of 1-3 first year and transfer students. Mentors must have a GPA of 2.0 and not be on academic probation.

The Role of a Mentor

Serving as a mentor is voluntary, but requires specific responsibilities, which include:

  • Assist in the development of skills necessary for mentees to succeed in college
  • Guide the development of realistic career/academic goals and expectations
  • Motivate mentee toward achieving academic excellence
  • Create success through caring
  • Serve as a resource and referral person for the mentee and a positive role model, friend, and confidante
  • Encourage the mentee to interact frequently with his/her academic advisor and KSU personnel
  • Provide support, encouragement, and positive perspectives
  • Give feedback on observed behavior and report performance and concerns to program coordinator
  • Establish and maintain ongoing contact with the program coordinator to discuss student progress and elicit feedback as needed to ensure success
  • Meet with the mentee at agreed upon intervals for feedback and planning
  • Maintain a log of mentor activities to be shared with the program coordinator
  • Encourage mentees to utilize campus resources