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What is a Mentee?

A mentee is a new or transfer student who has been paired with a mentor in order to be advised, trained, or coached for collegiate success. Mentees are encouraged to become involved in goal setting, career development, and campus life activities.

Who can be a Mentee?

Any new KSU freshman or transfer student in their first or second semester.

The Role of a Mentee

Serving as a mentee is voluntary, but requires specific responsibilities, which include:

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Seek advice from mentor
  • Seek advice from your academic advisor
  • Communicate progress and concerns with your mentor
  • Attend all classes
  • Participate in activities with mentor and other mentees
  • Communicate progress or concerns with parents or guardian
  • Look, listen and learn
  • Strive for success
  • Reach out to your mentor; let him/her know what’s on your mind
  • Be aware of program incentives
  • Assume responsibility for your own professional growth & development
  • Set goals and make decisions to achieve those goals
  • Be receptive of constructive feedback
  • Utilize campus resources