New Freshman and Transfer Student 

Mentees in the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program are new freshman, transfer students, and student who are looking to benefit from personal, professional, and academic success development through mentoring relationships. The program offers mentees one-on-one mentoring opportunities, professional coaching, 

Mentee Application for Spring 2022



  • A mentee is a new or transfer student who has been paired with a mentor in order to be advised, trained, or coached for collegiate success. Mentees are encouraged to become involved in goal setting, career development, and campus life activities.

    • Any new KSU freshman and transfer student in their first or second semester.
    • Any KSU student in need of a peer mentor
  • Serving as a mentee is voluntary, but requires specific responsibilities, which include:

    • Maintain a positive attitude
    • Seek advice from mentor
    • Seek advice from your academic advisor
    • Communicate progress and concerns with your mentor
    • Attend all classes
    • Participate in activities with mentor and other mentees
    • Communicate progress or concerns with parents or guardian
    • Look, listen and learn
    • Strive for success
    • Reach out to your mentor; let him/her know what’s on your mind
    • Be aware of program incentives
    • Assume responsibility for your own professional growth & development
    • Set goals and make decisions to achieve those goals
    • Be receptive of constructive feedback
    • Utilize campus resources
    • Learn more about KSU and the campus community
    • Build self-esteem
    • Enhance interpersonal skills
    • Increase self-motivation, self-discipline, and goal setting skills
    • Experience an atmosphere of professionalism, trust, and respect
    • Be more successful in one’s academic career
    • Lessen the stress associated with college attendance
    • Receive peer guidance in academic decision making
    • Enhance overall learning and career aspirations