Taking Mentoring to New Heights!


Appy to be a LEAD Mentor for 2020-2021

The LEAD Mentors Program is comprised of student leaders within the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program who lead, train, and facilitate leadership and skill development for peer mentors. LEAD Mentors facilitate small groups meetings throughout the semester focused on developing mentoring skills, sharing impactful strategies and building a strong network of student leaders on campus. LEAD Mentors also are involved in service projects focused on building a strong community and promoting mentorship in the external community.


  • #Mentoring Small Groups
  • Mentoring Outreach Service Projects
  • Leadership Competencies Development

Meet Your 2019-2020 LEAD Mentors Team

  • Pia

    Hello, My name is Piawoh Bujung and I will be one of the lead mentors this year. I am a Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and I plan to go on to medical school to further my education. During my free time I volunteer at Kennestone Hospital, Agape Hospice, and the Helping Hands of Paulding County Food Pantry. I am also the treasurer of AMSA and I work as a medical scribe. I am so excited for this upcoming school year and hope to meet all the new members!

  • Ans

    Salutations Everyone,

    My name is Ans Rana. I am currently a senior who is majoring in biology. My future aspirations after college is to take my talents somewhere into the medical industry. I am also one of the lead mentors who regularly enjoy helping others through interactions, whether it is face to face or a simple call. I also have been a peer mentor throughout my junior year in which I can really help give certain advice to the newly accepted mentors who are currently transitioning into this semester. I aspire to be the most effective at my position and help any fellow students, peers or friends who are facing difficult circumstances. My contact email to reach me is arana13@students.kennesaw.edu . I look forward to meeting you guys!

  • Justice

    My name is Justice Hill. I am currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering and plan to pursue Structural Engineering. I enjoy playing sports, listening to music, and ultimately enjoying quality time with friends. I did not have anyone to guide or mentor me coming into college, which pushed me to become involved with Odyssey.

    Not having that initial guidance placed a few obstacles in my first year of college. I want to pass on any helpful information or resources I have to improve someone else’s experience and make their years run smoothly. I also enjoy interacting with people and through Odyssey, my interactions can serve as helpful. Mentorship is a great tool for anyone who wants to give back or impact others.

  • Jesse

    I'm Jesse Olaitan Ifarinde. I am a junior that is a Biochemistry major with a concentration of Pre-Medicinal Studies (Pre-Med). I am currently one of the Lead Peer Mentors. I love essentially any kind of sport and have a minor addiction to video games such as Destiny 2 or PUBG. However, when I am forced to enter the real world I have aspirations to become one of the first M.D./ Ph.D. students out of Kennesaw State University. After that, I hope to become a Radiologist and hopefully start my own private laboratory/ imaging firm.

  • Kla

    Hello, my name is K’la Williams and I am currently a junior studying psychology. I aspire to pursue my master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology. My passion for mentorship grew in high school while I was a member of the BUY Cobb leadership academy, and I was naturally drawn to the Odyssey Peer Mentoring program when I found out about it.

    I am a member of the Kennesaw State University honors college and Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society. I served as a resident assistant last year where I learned to be a resource for other students living on campus. Outside of KSU, I am the middle school coordinator at BUY Cobb Inc where I mentor middle and high school students. I am a self-published author, and aspire to build a freelance writing career.

    Mentoring is important to me because everyone has a seed in them but may not know how to water it. I believe mentoring helps people to grow and flourish into their highest selves and pushes them to be the leaders that we need.

  •  Jessica

    My name is Jessica Osborn, and I’m a senior. I have a biochemistry major with a Spanish minor, and I am currently a lead mentor. I am the president of American Sign Language Club, and I competitively climb for the Kennesaw State University Climbing Team. I also work as chemistry laboratory teaching assistant. My family is from Indonesia, and I am the first American-born generation of my family.

  • Rudi

    My name is Rodolfo Esquivel and I am a Junior at Kennesaw State University. I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration, and I am studying Accounting. I became part of the Owl Nation in 2018 and it was the best decision I have made thus far in my academic career. I carried my mentoring experience from The University of West Georgia where I originally resided in my first years of college. I will be serving as a Lead mentor for Fall 2019 and I am looking forward to a great semester upon us as an organization. I have an aspiration to help individuals who want to do better and continue growing in all aspects. The Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program drives to influence a university-wide mentoring experience and I am proudly here to help complete the mission.

Developing Community through Mentoring Small Groups

Beginning this fall, Odyssey is sponsoring #Mentoring Small Group Meetings each month facilitated by LEAD Mentors in the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program. The goal of the Small Groups is to provide continued community and support to both mentors and mentees throughout the semester. Small Groups are networks of students, led by students, who can engage in discussions, group activities, leadership training, and other recreational activities.

Tentative Small Group Dates and Times


Application Process for LEAD Mentors Program

 LEAD Mentors Applications will be available November 2019


Eligibility Requirements

Any student classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior. LEAD Mentors must have a GPA of 2.5.

Program Committment 

  • May 2019 Leadership Training and Retreat Trip
  • Monthly Meetings with small groups of mentors
  • Interactive engagement projects with mentees
  • Periodic training to master the art of mentoring
  • 2-3 hours per week

Benefits to Membership to the Advanced Leadership League

  • Stipend for participation of up to $500.00 
  • Access to professional conference travel opportunities 
  • Stand out on your graduate school applications and your resume 
  • Making a difference on campus and in the community 
  • Early registration opportunities 
  • Free swag 


Leading a group of mentors, providing support to mentees, participating as a peer mentor to at least one student


Good for students who…

Like to work with individuals, want to lead teams, make lasting friendships/relationships and experience leadership development