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Taking Mentoring to New Heights!

The LEAD Mentors Program is comprised of student leaders within the Odyssey Peer Mentoring Program who lead, train, and facilitate leadership and skill development for Peer Mentors while assisting in meaningful engagement activities for Mentees. LEAD Mentors facilitate small groups meetings throughout the semester focused on developing mentoring skills, sharing impactful strategies and building a strong network of student leaders on campus. LEAD Mentors engage program Mentees with community events, socials, and challenges. LEAD Mentors also are involved in service projects focused on building a strong community and promoting mentorship in the external community. LEAD Mentors will be working with the program to advance the Mentoring Curriculum, which will consist of developmental monthly meetings, events, activities and challenges that participating program Peer Mentors and Mentees will be working in throughout the Fall and Spring Semester.


  • Team meetings and trainings 
  • Peer Mentor/Mentee Intake, Interviews, and Orientation 
  • #Mentoring Small Groups 
  • Mentoring Events and Promotion 
  • Advanced Leader League Promotion and Activities 
  • Mentoring Community Service  


Eligibility Requirements

  • Any student currently enrolled KSU student classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior.
  • LEAD Mentors must have a GPA of 2.5
  • Students with ability to work with teams
  • Oral and written communication skills are a must
  • ***Previous experience as a Peer Mentor or Mentee a plus (not required)
  • Must successful complete Advanced Leader League Application and Interview Process


Program Committment 

  • Leadership Training and Retreat Trip
  • Monthly Meetings with small groups of mentors
  • Interactive engagement projects with mentees
  • Periodic training to master the art of mentoring
  • 2-3 hours per week


Benefits to Membership to the Advanced Leader League

  • Access to professional conference travel opportunities
  • Stand out on your graduate school applications and your resume
  • Making a difference on campus and in the community
  • Free swag  


Good for students who…

Value mentoring relationships, like to work with individuals, want to lead teams, make lasting friendships/relationships and experience leadership development